These highly talented professional dancers have travelled to Brazil, USA and Australia to perform and upskill their talents. 

Nura Moosavi

Professional Dancer, instructor and Designer

From Uruguay, Nura is very immersed in the Brazilian culture and brings so much passion to her work. Her dancing talent stretches across Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Samba no pe.

Gabi Guimaraes

Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor, International Instructor and performer. Founder and Director of Samba Passion.

Rachael Young

Dancer, choreographer and international performer

Our Kiwi Rachael has danced her way across the world. She has studied many dance styles such as Jazz, Ballet, Gymnastics, Brazilian Funk and Samba no pe.

Tai Correa

Dancer, Instructor, Personal Trainer


Brazilian born, Tai has the rhythm coursing through her veins. She has danced from a very age and has studied Salsa, Hip Hop, Break Dance and Samba no pe.

Izadora Campos

Professional salsa and samba Dancer, Salsa Instructor and Trainer.

Also from Brazil, Iza has been dancing from a young age and has studied Mamba, Cuban salsa, Afro beat, Bachata, Jazz and Samba No Pe

Natallia Ramanchuk

Professional Dancer and Belly Dancer Instructor and performer

From Russia, Natallia has studied Belly dancing, Jazz, Salsa, and Samba no pe